Make It Your Own Farm Stays

Take a deep dive into hands-on activities and learn new farm skills by curating your own Farm Stay agenda. Whether you are an aspiring homesteader, or just want to learn something new about farming, you’re sure to leave with new knowledge of your chosen farm topics. 
Wake up to beautiful farm views and sounds and fuel up with our hearty made-to-order breakfast made from fresh, farm-to-table ingredients. Then, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. 
Activities may be requested 6 months – 2 weeks prior to arrival via farm stay information call with a staff member or within your farm stay reservation portal.
Additional activities may be added throughout the duration of stay, though request approvals are dependent on availability.

The Basics

Farm Chore Tag-a-long 

Spend the morning with us as we take care of the animals around the farm! Get up close with the animals and learn what basic necessities they need every day to be happy farm residents!

Collect the chicken eggs, feed the pigs, and maybe bottle feed the lambs or calves! 

Get your boots on and let’s have some farm fun!


Exclusive Farm Tour 

Be guided around the farm by our farm stay coordinator to see all the ins and outs of Mary’s Land Farm. The 160 acre property is home to several historical features, fields and pastures, tons of farm animals, a soil green house, hydroponics greenhouse and so much more! 
Go by foot or hop on the 6 seater golf cart for this 1.5-2 hour tour. 


Animal Walking 

The best tour guides at Mary’s Land Farm are our goats, sheep or ponies! Let’s go on a walk around the farm with our fun and friendly animals. 

Enjoy the scenery of the farm with these farm friends and have an opportunity to get to know their unique personalities!

This is a great activity to learn the basics of halters, lead lines, and simple horsemanship skills.

More Than Basic

Farm Experience Options – Year Round 
Farm Recreation: Family Activities
  • Bird Watching Walk
  • Farm Bonfire
  • Horsemanship 101
  • Greenhouse Tour 
  • Private Animal Encounters: Cows, Calves, Lambs (seasonal), Bunny
Aspiring Farmer/Homesteader:  2 Hour Workshops
  • Farm Chore Tag-a-long
  • Moving and Managing Grazing Cattle (adults only)
  • Tractor Driving 101 (adults only)
  • Skid Steer Driving 101 (adults only)
  • Layer Hens 101
  • Farm Consultation Breakfast
  • Water Management Systems
Farm-to-Kitchen: Family Activities 
  • Milking 101
  • Butter Making Workshop
  • Pesto Making Workshop
  • Cheesemaking 101
  • Beef Fat and Tallowing 
  • Make-Your-Own Farm Breakfast (guided) 
  • Farm-To-Table Dinner
Farm Experience Options – Featured Activities by Month (Not Guaranteed; Based on weather and crop success)
January, February, March 

Bird Watching – Excellent time of year as there are no leaves and birds are actively foraging.

Greenhouse Early Starters – Excellent time of year to spend your day in our warm greenhouses, It feels like a free trip to Florida.  Help plant everything that will be raised for the rest of the year.

Valentines Day Weekend Activity

April – May 

Asparagus – Harvest and make part of a meal


Early – Goumi Berry and Cooking

Late – Mulberry Picking and Cooking 

Blackberry picking and Cooking 


Blackberry Picking and cooking  

Peach Picking and cooking

Peach Cobbler Making

Late – Elderberries Harvesting and Syrup Making 


Asian Pear Harvesting and Cooking  (Inn Guests Only, $75 an hour)

Elderberries Harvesting and Cooking  (Inn Guests Only, $75 an hour)


Asian Pear

Sunflowers and Fall Festival


Fall Festival Amenities


Persimmon Picking


Farm Christmas Activities