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The Inn at Mary's Land Farm

Mary’s Land Farm is located at 4979 Sheppard Lane, Ellicott City, Maryland, in beautiful Howard County.

At the Inn, you’ll enjoy the peaceful sounds of farm life, dine on organically grown produce and grass-fed meats, and relax while enjoying your stay. You can be as hands-on with our farm animals as you desire and enjoy unplugging from your everyday routine. Take in the sights and explore the farm on a self-guided tour. View a virtual 360-degree tour for a hint of the Inn experience. 

The farm was purchased by the Cunningham Family in 2014 and has been a labor of love ever since. The goal is to create a 160-acre balanced ecosystem of perennial plants and pasture that provides more food per acre than a standard monoculture farm. The farm wants to accomplish this with standards that go beyond organic principles, and we want to use a minimal amount of fossil fuels. More information is available on the farm Farm Website.

On the property you will likely notice swales and berms. Our goal is to keep the water on our property and out of Maryland’s overflowing and corroding waterways. Keeping water on the farm helps our plants and livestock and it helps to Save the Bay. You will also see farm animals out on pasture or pigs in the woodlands. None of the animals are contained during the Spring, Summer, and Fall when they are much happier out grazing. 

Our current products include chicken, pork, beef, lamb, duck eggs and chicken eggs. We also sell products from other local farms, as well as Secolari Olive Oils, Balsamics, and Vinegars. As our perennial plants develop, we intend to provide nuts, berries, grapes, vegetables and fruit to the local market. Our products are incorporated into the farm fresh breakfasts enjoyed by our guest every morning.

Only organic chemicals are used on the farm. The non-ruminant animals are fed certified organic grains in addition to their grazing. The ruminants are strictly 100% Grass Fed. If you are like most of us, you probably learn best by seeing it for yourself, so select your own room and spend some nights at the Inn!

There is a Farm Store located in the middle of the property. The store is open Monday thru Friday from 10AM – 5PM, Saturday from 9AM – 5PM and Sunday from Noon until 5PM.

Meet the team

Thomas Cunningham

Owner & Farmer

Luis Cunningham

Farm Manager

Ray Wight



Soil Based Produce Manager

Chef D.W.

Farm Chef / Kitchen Manager

Emma Zanotelli

Emma Zanotelli

Front of House Manager

Todd Wingate

Todd Wingate

Hydroponics Produce



Hydroponics Produce

Raising Nourishing Food Responsibly.